Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!!

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this week. What a glorious event! The best part of the day was after my Dad returned home from work and errands (only to find his girls floating in the pool on such a HOT day) he ran and put on his swimming trunks and joined us. We are so blessed to have such a great Dad.

On of our family traditions is to eat at our favorite Mexican Restaurant when it is someone's birthday. Doesn't Dad look good in this hat? I actually prefer his M's baseball hat - go M's.
After the staff of the restaurant sang, "Happy Birthday" they presented Dad with fried ice cream sundae, (Dad is the only one in our family that really likes this dessert). The rest of us waited until we got home to have Dad open his presents and eat Angle Food cake (tinted blue and baked by Ana).

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Dad. We love you.

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Anonymous said...

congrats to your dad since he has such a loving son...:)