Monday, July 28, 2008

This story is very sweet. It tells of my sis Ana and an experience we had today at a Costco. When you read this, think about how nice this man was and how many people would actually do this.
Once upon a time...
Our family went to Costco. While waiting in the food line, Mom sees someones' food cart with only a few items and of the items were the most luscious looking half box of peaches. Since she was very interested in peaches, she asked Ana to keep an eye out for the owner of the food cart. Suddenly, a dear, sweet looking elderly man with a slow stride came to claim the cart. He was alone. It looked like he bought only for one...but we will never know.
Once the man steadied his hands on the cart handle and move it out of the line - Mom said to Ana, "Please go ask that dear man how much those peaches were?" The somewhat shy, but obedient daughter thought briefly about the request, then complied and walked over to the very elderly man and said, "Excuse me sir, do you mind telling me how much are those peaches?"
Surprised - I'm sure that a pretty young lady would approach him he replied,
" These, uh... I don't really know. ....Oh ....wait, why don't you take a look at this," and he handed his receipt to her.
" Oh, okay. Um... thanks." She said taking the receipt. She scanned it carefully until she got to the price of the peaches, and then said, "Mm hm... OK thank you so much'. She handed back his receipt and said, "Good-bye" and turned to walk away.
Taking his opportunity to have more conversation with his vision/dream(?) he was having that the princess of his dreams had approached him, he quickly said - "Wait a minute, don't you want to take one to try?"
"Oh that's very nice of you to ask, but no thank you. Bye now."
and then she was gone!!
This is a true story. If you think about really isn't about a pretty young lady talking to a kind, older gentleman who slowly walked out of the store alone....but it is more about the fact that we could all be sweet and kind to one another - making conversation across generational gaps, blessing and being blessed along the way!!
And it doesn't have to be about peaches......just as long as you are polite and respectful!!

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Karen said...

Tonia, that was a wonderfully-written story. Keep 'em coming. We'll keep reading!

(And did you get the peaches?)

Mrs. E